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Alexander of Limbo

Just remade Rau

Name: Rau
AKA: The Alien
Gender: Male
Alliance: Hero
Info: Rau is part of a race of aliens that are at war with humans thousands of years in the future. Believe it or not humans have become warped by greed and anger by this point, and are on a galaxy wide quest of dominance, obliterating even the smallest of societies. One scientist sent his baby son, Rau, and an ally back in time to so that his son could change the ways of the human race, and as a sort of ambassador for his species. The craft Rau was in held him and his fathers ally in stasis, putting Rau through a life simulation of the war soon to come, by the time the stasis pod had opened Rau had already lived a full life in the war time. But now he is out and on the governments payroll, as he is the only one able to use his fathers technology.