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Alexander of Limbo

Name: C1R-CU1T
AKA: Circuit, Kurt
Gender: Male
Alliance: Hero
Info: CIR-CU1T is part of a species that evolved from computers. The species that had created the computers died millennia before the computers started to evolve, but eventually they got to a point of sentience and are almost biological, however they do not feel emotions like most sentient beings. They are composed of silica/plastics and wires and are the absolute best in the galaxy at creating and using technology.
Within their culture it is said that their is one chip which is passed down through the years which they call ‘The Upgrade’. This is the first chip that started the evolution process and has since prompted each next stage in species evolution. It is believed that C1R-CU1T possesses The Upgrade. He’s not just good with tech, but also a techno-path, able to construct and work technology ‘wirelessly’. Not only this, he is becoming aware of emotions (as other sentient beings know them) and is just starting to replicate them.
C1R-CU1T came to earth on assignment to acquire the future tech, which came with Rau, so that his species may study it. However C1R-CU1T remains on earth, partly to learn, and partly as protection from those who want The Upgrade. Earthlings call him the hero Circuit, and the earth name Kurt.