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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Plorb
AKA: The Potato
Gender: Male
Alliance: ‘soldier of fortune’
Info: When all manner of aliens discovered that a futuristic piece of alien tech had come back in time a lot of factions became interested in acquiring. Little did they know that Rau is the only one who can work the technology. When this information got out he became one of the most wanted people in the universe. However because earth is a strict ‘no go zone’ very few bounty hunters or soldiers of fortune have managed to reach him. Of the few who have Plorb is by far one of the weirdest. ‘The Potato’, as he was dubbed, is very good at his job but simply has an aura of un-luck and misfortune. He’s very enigmatic and has quite a thespian voice. He is also very protective of his mustache which is why he wears his space helmet a lot.

Plorb eventually becomes a soldier of fortune on earth, as his attempts to capture Rau often fail. However he does tend to help Rau from time to time, as in Plorbs culture if you are bested by someone you owe that person favors. Despite this a sort of friendship emerges between the two.