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Alexander of Limbo
Benjamin is present at the unmasking of The Liberator (Dylan’s father) and feels heavilyresponsible for the events that occurred, he dons the old costume of The Liberators brother (Dylan’s Uncle): The Hand. The hand helps Limbo in the streets for a long time until they clash with The Mute. The Mute discovers The Hand’s identity and abducts him, putting him through terrible torture, involving barbed wire, to which The Mute is quite fond. He then leaves Limbo with a choice, save a building full of people or save Benjamin’s girlfriend. Limbo eventually chooses the building full of people. In a bid to save Benjamin Limbo goes for the hideout of The Mute and the following events are an explosion and confusion as to whether or not Benjamin or The Mute survived.

Several Months Later someone naming themselves the Red Hand starts to confront Limbo and put those close to him in harms way. Revenge maybe?