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Alexander of Limbo
Before i do any more of the villains i’ll just put the main protagonists. Unfortunately i deleted the originals, so here are the revamped versions.

The Liberator. He is the father of the main protagonist. An ex-cop and one of the first vigilante to help the city of [don’t have name, but it’s near a swamp, probably in Louisiana] with some of his other cop buddies. They were later shunned from society and only a few act covertly. He is accidentally killed by his son, Dylan, who is tricked by The Black Heart.

Dylan is just an average school boy. If you exclude his suicide attempt. You see he doesn’t feel alive. So when his friend Benjamin gets involved with the Mob, to help pay of his ill farther’s debt to them, Dylan sees opportunity to live. But soon they see just how wrong they are, and are soon to deep. Meanwhile the Liberator keeps a watchful fatherly eye with the help of Dylan’s Uncle. In confusing struggle and shootout Dylan accidentaly kills his father. His Uncle takes the boys from the scene and removes his brothers body. Dylan dons his fathers mask, calling himself Limbo, and sets out to exact revenge. He is less forgiving than his father when it comes to criminals often killing them in rather inventive ways, this soon gets the better of him and he breaks down (mentally) for a short while