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@The Atomic Punk said:

Willkommen, Aleczander! As others have said, really good start. I like your take on Centaurs. Especially how you adjusted the size of his horns to add 3D / depth-perspective.

Are the Dawn and Dusk Elves supposed to be simply opposites of each other? If yes, then maybe reverse the colors of the Dusk Elf’s armor. If they are not just two sides of the same coin, consider revamping one of them entirely.

Actually, the DawnElf race was cursed long ago, so when they die, they are reincarnated almost instantly as a DuskElf, the DuskElves are vicious monsters who seek out to annihilate the DawnElves, thus being quite stupid in their bloodlust. So the armor would stay the same once risen, that is why it says it’s also an undead race 😀