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Hope you like the idea —>

Race Name: Shig’eth (or something like that, lol).

Skin Color: Pale green or blue (almost white).

Common Facial Hair: The male tend to use large mustaches as a tradition, though they grow facial hair just like humans do, so they’re not limited to it.

Common Hair: Both male and female have straight hair (heritage from their ancestors) wich they keep long as a tradition.

Common Eye color and hair color: all the human hair color variations, their eyes have any tone of purple, in a gradient from dark purple to white (their eyes turn more white as they get more expertise with magic).

Common clothing type:they usually wear rags and maybe some jewelry obtained through stealing or gambling. If they’ll ever get lots of money (not too often, ‘couse of their recklessness) they wear black dyed silk robes and lots of ornaments made of gold and precious stones (a way to show their power and rank to each other). The ones that choose the path of alchemy and magic use linen robes and wear many alchemy related elements (flasks, books, parchments and so on).

Race Unique Abilities:they’re specially smart and tend to be overconfident, they all have potential as magicians. In spite of a physically weak body, their fast and logical reasoning gives them the upperhand in battle, being better prepared to fight multiple enemies at once than most races that lack special sensing habilities (although they’re weak, if they have the right weapons, they can put up a good fight).

Race Unique Physicalities:they’re thin, small and bony, and they have large arms and hands in proportion with the rest of their bodies. (some are more humanlike due to their mixing with humans, but always have reminiscents of these characteristics) their foreheads are prominent and have a mark in the center (were their ancestors had a third eye).

A little Background(optional): A decadent magical race, they are descendants of a race of great magelords from the past (who may have been ascended humans from further back in time). They were slaved by another race (maybe magic resistant beings) for centuries, and by the time they were finally free, they had no more honorable reasons as they forgot all about their past (all their culture being burned to ashes) so they focused on the pleasures of life using their skills. As they hearts and will weakened through the years, so have their abilities. Now some of them wander the lands doing alchemy and trying to relearn the ways of magic (while many of them are still gambling, stealing and so on).