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Next character is Pan, with the ability to control plants and animals. An experiment gone wrong turned him into a goat/man hybrid, but he has a kind heart. In an RPG setting, he would work as a mix of spell-caster and healer.

His costume really hasn’t changed too drastically over the years- he’s always going to have the “primitive” look about him.

This is Crossfire. He was created by one of my friends, but I made the HM pic. If I recall correctly, he’s essentially a swarm of nanomachines that takes the form of this big mech-looking thing.

Also conceived by my friend is the Bison. I actually entered this picture into a contest on the blog ages ago. The face is a modified version of a werewolf head posted in the custom items area of this forum, but I can’t remember who made that (thanks to whoever it was!)

A final character imagined by my friend is Leer. Big bad immortal wizard type born in Ancient Egypt. I think this was one of my first images where I used Zyping/highlights.

Back to my own characters, this is Hephaestus. He uses a suit of power armour that can shoot molten metal out of its chest.

An earlier version of him, without highlights all over the place.

Cataphract, who fought like a medieval knight, except with a motorbike instead of a horse.

That’s all the RP characters done with for now (there are other pics, but most of them aren’t that good). Here’s a couple of other HM creations.

I think this was intended as some kind of Cyclops.

This was a contest entry, a Mexican equivalent of Captain America.

From the King Midas contest (click on it to see the full image).

Right, that’s my imgur and Photobucket accounts scoured for images I wanted to share with you guys. I’ve got plenty of other creations cooking in the HeroMachine at the moment, which I’ll be posting soon. That means the quality (or lack thereof) will be consistent from now on. Thanks for viewing my stuff!