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Herr D

JR’s suggestions are definitely worth trying. I personally would move monkey-lion-guy’s tail upwards so it looks like it comes out of his back higher. In general I would also suggest trying to make the poses less symmetrical. As you grow more used to hm3, you’ll likely become less satisfied with standard poses. You might also begin use of backgrounds. In particular even using a solid Shapes Background gives the opportunity to ‘drop’ your masking items behind for easier retrieval should you need to change something.

Also, as mottling, energy effects, the star background, etc. make larger source material, though not always what you’ll want. As for ridges, MaleMaterials bodies might work, though you’ll need to experiment. Composite feet can be done also, but I’ve found it easier to work like you did the face–choose one for a shape and alter. Announce if you need more suggestions.