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My suggestions….. hmmm (puts critiquing hat on). Ok
Character 1: The legs look a bit squashed, but that isn’t really noticeable until you get to the feet. Maybe try using the separated versions of those feet that are in feet right- standard, get the sizing so they match in width without looking squashed and do some sort of masking trick to hide the join. There isn’t much else I think you should change on this one as it currently is, now it would just be a case of adding, maybe a rainforest tribe inspired outfit, some tribal paint (mad jack’s tattoos-tribal has tones of stuff that could really work on this design) and maybe some accessories, feather headpieces, weapons, that sort of thing.
Character 2: I’d say either switch the directions the feet are pointing so they are pointing out instead of in, or use the foot from the T-Rex on the first row of page 2 of Companions- Dinosaurs, it’s a really good foot to use when making reptilian characters. I’d try something different for the head, take a look at a few lizards for inspiration and see what strikes you. I’m liking the patterning under the loin-cloth, maybe repeat that elsewhere on the body; chest, arms, maybe forehead (depending on the head style you go for).
Character 3: For ridges I’d try multiple versions of the first horn on the penultimate (2nd to last) page of Hair- Standard, each getting smaller as they get further away from the centre, that could make a good effect. Either that or the aquatic fin hair two pages previous to that, or the aquatic fin glove item you used for the under-loin cloth pattern on the other character. I’d suggest that ridges should be placed on the forehead, shoulders, either upper-thighs or lower shins (depending on preference) and maybe fore-arms, but that’s up to you. If you are going to change the feet, you may also need to add claws to the hands, which can be done quite easily, using the vampire fang in mouth-standard, just stretch it out a bit and it looks pretty convincing. You should also look at doing some sort of scale or mottling effect on her, try the freckles in heads-female face for this. Maybe go freckles on either shoulder and on her hips and see how that looks.
Anyway, that’s my two pennies worth. Hope it’s helpful.