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CDC #531

The otherworldly Demon Chernobog continually attempts to invade this realm of existence from his Fey imposed prison dimension. Every now and then he finds a way to seep some of his awesome power into this realm and create an avatar. He uses these avatars on earth to assist him in bringing forth his actual evil entity to take over the entire planet and consume human souls. The avatar is always searching for an unknown ancient artifact to increase its power and link to Chernobog. The current avatar took the body of a London stage actor as its host. This event caused quite an uproar during the stage presentation of Mac Beth. The Chernobog avatar fought off a host of meta heroes including the entire British team The Fyrd and then fled the area. Each avatar wields tremendous dark magic powers in addition to being strong and tough. Each human host smells of decay and rotting food due to the nature of their current existence.

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