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Herr D

Dr. Henry Victor Clerval VIII was nagged so badly by his wife, that he complained to his fellow cryobiologists. “She wants me to clear my ancestor’s friend’s name! She expects me to prove that ‘VF’ wasn’t a mad scientist OR a deadbeat dad, that nothing that looked so hideous could have started life being good. Even if I had his formula AND could stitch together a body AND could get it NOT to die of infection and rejection—what would it prove?”
Dr. Stoker waved him down. “If my experiments in anti-rejection work, it might help. I have the head of a man whose immune system supposedly could purify blood diseases from infected blood—ANY type!”
Dr. Lupins coughed, “I’ve an unclaimed arm with an unusually high healing factor. Perfect for fighting infections—I’d be happy to see what you could do with it.”
Dr. Whemple stood up, “You’ve no IDEA how lucky this IS! Right across the street from us, here, at the Usher House Cryolabs facility, my museum collections are coming off exhibit. Dr. Moreau here, was just saying we’ve no one to take charge of the exhibits no one WANTS anymore! We have seventeen partial mummies and their canopic jars, to choose from! Perfectly preserved BEFORE cryobiology was even invented! And with your familial connection (as your wife WAS distantly related to ‘VF,’) you COULD, if you wished, take charge of the entire Frankenstein laboratory, as it was shipped here intact. It’s on the third floor of the Usher House Of History! We could have everything here by nightfall! What do you say, Dr. Moreau?”
Dr. Moreau beamed, “No man is an island, Dr. Clerval! It’s good that you brought this problem to your friends! I am an administrator over the museum floors, as well as having privileges here. Five learned heads are better than one, if I might slightly improve upon an old saying!”
Five learned men with no common sense ARE WORSE THAN JUST ONE.

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