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Herr D

She just showed up and saved a derailing el-train in St. Louis, picked up some falling people in New York, and lit up the right road for a lost caravan in New Mexico. It took six minutes. When approached and questioned, the interview went as follows:

The Tracker[TT]: I don’t know. I can’t see it.
Reporter George Miller[R]: Sorry? What’s your name?
TT: From the Up-Back.
R: The outback? You’re not from New Mexico?
TT: The Tracker.
R: Where is that? And where do you pull those — things. . . from?
TT: Small town; sorry, I’m all jumbled up again–gotta go!

Later it was surmised she doesn’t seem to be able to answer questions in order. Her geometrically insane pathways are sure to point out people being rescued and insurance premiums going up. Her interviews are never more than about forty seconds. Her whereabouts are unknown. Her fans are confused.

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