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Herr D

Sorry I’ve been so scarce. IRL wants to eliminate any fun time I can have.
Titus was transported here by way of Pandora. Some people have come to the opinion he came from a gas giant storm. Constantly raging, he has the general shape of a stocky, plated quadruped. He has the porous innards of an aquatic sponge, and is apparently titanium-based instead of carbon-based. The bad guys aren’t saying how they get him from point to point, and all anyone really knows is that they move him around from where they want him wreaking havoc to inside volcanoes, monsoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, polar blizzards, etc. He DOES seem happiest inside an F3 tornado. It relaxes him to not have to fight so hard as an F4 or deal with excessive temperature differences, and the other storms just don’t seem to buffet him enough. Aging out of this aggressive stage is supposedly going to happen in only sixty more years.

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