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Herr D

I’m back? Flash trashed and Hairy gone, but Shelob helped me after considerable ‘consideration.’
Dr. Eclipse, when asked how she travels, how she emits such powerful light or causes absences of it, or why she disappears every day at one minute and twenty-nine and a half seconds to 4pm GMT to reappear the instant BEFORE within 7 km due east–she always says the same thing. “Calibration.” When asked about where she comes from, why she left there, how she came to fight crime, why her head appears to be a translucent gem, or ANY question about her purple-titanium sword, she always says: “Choice limited.” When asked why she is so mysterious and terse, she always says, “Four syllables.” When asked how her team calls her, she says, “Telepathy.”

The others say they think she’s lying about that.

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