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Amarin Reyny

Hi Amarin. Never heard of that bug before, weird. Anyway, the text files can be accessed through the “Save Character” menu. At the top of the box with the list of your current saves there will be two options- Your Saves & Text. Click on Text and it will show you the text code for the current character you are working on. You should be able to take out any duplicates from there. The format is a bit confusing to look at, but you want to be looking for stuff that’s along the lines of this: <savedItem> <item> <name>EyesStandard63</name> <myColor1>7</myColor1> <myColor2>28</myColor2> <myColor3>32</myColor3> <rotation>16</rotation> <scaleX>0.856</scaleX> <scaleY>-0.856</scaleY> <pattern></pattern> <x>186.45</x> <y>64.25</y> <oX>188.45</oX> <oY>59.25</oY> <slotNumber>7</slotNumber> <slotName>Eyes</slotName> <itemSetNumber>0</itemSetNumber> <itemSetName>Standard</itemSetName> <previewNumber>63</previewNumber> <color1Alpha>1</color1Alpha> <color2Alpha>0</color2Alpha> <color3Alpha>1</color3Alpha> <layerOrder>31</layerOrder> </item> That’s your basic item file (in this case an eye). If it’s been wrongfully duplicated you will need to delete the entire item, so everything between the <item> & </item> indicators. Obviously, there is a chance that you might delete something you don’t want to, so it’s probably best to have a save file of the character already. Also, I don’t know if you’re doing any masking, but deleting an item that has something masked to it will do weird things (partial items appearing in unusual places and potentially removing all of your masking if you load the file again or try to undo something), so just be aware of that. Also, you can copy entire text files in text documents (like word or .txt files) and save them to your desk top, especially helpful if you create a pose you think you might want to reuse or think you’ll want to go back to a character in future but need more save slots currently. It’s just a case of highlighting the entire text file and copying it. The way to reimport the files is pretty simple, there’s the same Text option on the Load Character screen as there is on the Save Character, but this time it’ll be blank, so you just paste your text there. Hope this helps.

Thank you!