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A well funded and well organised group of monster hunters that often cross paths with the SRC. Illumination, contrary to their name, are a shadowy group. The source of their funding is a mystery and, unlike most other monster hunters, they prefer to capture their hunts rather than the usual killing or setting up containment areas in the field away from population centres. Nobody knows why they capture monsters, where they take them or what they do with them once captured and it’s sure as hell that none of the team are going to let that information slip. The team consists of Alex Finch; a young warlock from a distinguished line of magic users, Bethany Greenwood; a spellsword user who owns two of the legendary blades (the purple hex sword and a blade with a reddish gem in the hilt that she always keeps sheathed, potentially the flame sword but it could also be the cursed blood blade), Johnathon Archer; an famous and infamous monster hunter and the team leader, Erica Streich; a changeling with a penchante for trickery, and Kalasa; a half-succubus.

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