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Lanroth; Lord of the Legion

The Legion. It has had many names, titles and epithets; the Legion of the Forlorn, the Legion of the Damned, the Accursed Legion, the Doom Bringers, Fors ætnian un−læd dæghwîl, Kingdom’s Bane. What started out as a few lost soldiers of a land destroyed in war, became one of the most defining forces of geo-political power for a millenia. As the Legion wandered the land, they took in any who were outcast by society, teaching them to fight and survive, no mater their station or ability. Young, old, man, woman, able, crippled, mad or sane, the Legion would take you in. And any that would stand in their way would be crushed. When the Legion was young, they tried to settle in the ancient kingdom of Anur, but the King sent his army to drive them out. The Legion razed Anur to the ground in a week, thousands of years of civilisation reduced to dust and rubble and left for the crows and surrounding kingdoms to squabble over. In all there have been 14 kingdoms, fiefdoms and principalities that met their end by the hand of the Legion. Over time it became more of a wandering army for hire, a mercenary band that fought for money, or goods, whatever service a kingdom could provide. Those within the Legion became hardened to the outside world, the company was made up entirely of those born into the Legion and enough generations had passed that even those who could remember when the Legion would recruit from outside had passed from living memory. And then came Doredain. As with many other kingdoms before, Doredain refused the Legion, but this war was not the fast, overwhelming victory that the Legion had seen in the past. The war was brutal, lasting 20 years and saw both the King of Doredain and the head of the Legion die. However, the new King of Doredain saw an opportunity and called for negotiations. A treaty was negotiated, giving the Legion right to settle in the South-Eastern region of Doredain, the area known as the Rhunmark, and giving the head of the Legion Lordship of the Rhunmark, in exchange for the Legion swearing loyalty and fealty to the King of Doredain. And that is how it has stood for the last 200 years.

Which brings us to Lanroth, the current Lord of the Legion. Gaining his title through a challenge of combat against his predecessor over 40 years ago, Lanroth is quite simply, the strongest fighter in the Legion. Strong-willed, perseptive and valuing loyalty above all else, he is an astute tactician and a fearless warrior. His actions almost single handedly won the last border war between Doredain and her eastern neighbours. But in the 30 years since that war, many amongst the Legion have grown tired of peace and, despite his best efforts at statesmanship, Lanroth is one of them. He is a warrior, not a politician and finds himself bored by the intricacies of governance, even if he understands their importance. He only hopes that his chosen heir, his lieutenant and eldest son, has more of an aptittude for such matters, but given his proclivity for drink and womanizing, it is doubtful. Despite all of this, Lanroth still remains a peerless fighter, as a swordsman many would say he is unrivalled in all of Doredain, and he inspires such loyalty amongst the Legion that it is concievable that if he were to give his word, they would, to a man, rise up with sword in hand and burn Doredain to the ground like the Legion of old. In many ways, Lanroth is not just the Lord of the Legion, he is the embodiment of it.

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