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Saint Avalayn; First Lady of the Church

Known as “The First Lady of the Church”, Avalayn is the premier Paladin in Doredain. Ambitious, arrogant and not above getting her hand dirty, she is fiercely loyal to the faith, taking great personal pleasure in putting down heretics with her own hands. She is also an exceptional manipulator, using guile and a sharp tongue to prize information from even the tighest lips, and resorting to torture on those whose lips do not talk. One can see her effectiveness in how she is treated by the Church. Her epithet was bestowed upon her by outsiders to the Church, but the title of Saint was bestowed by Archsage Yanvalis himself, making Avalayn the first Saint of the Church sanctified in a century. The Sainthood is the highest rank a Paladin can achieve and is only bestowed upon those who have achieve one of two great deeds. One is to have felled a great monster or foe of the Church and the other is to have performed a previously before unseen miracle. Avalayn is one of the few to have done both, she slew the captain of a pirate force that landed on the coast of Doredain and ransacked a Church holy site and her miracle is known as the Divine Spears of Judgement, upon her prayer bolts of lightning fall from the sky and strike down her foe. There have been numerous Saints in the Church’s history, but the discovery of new miracles is seemingly the exclusive domain of female Saints. Despite her lofty status, it would appear that Avalayn is not so high in the Church’s estimations that she is not required to do tasks she feels is beneath her, in this case she has been requested to shaperone a young, relatively new Paladin by the name of Vargas. Together, the pair are to investigate rumours of a sorcery led insurrection against the Church and the Lords, originating from the town of Wyteoak.

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