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Paladin Vargas

Born of a noble family in the Church stronghold of Nimloth Anor, Vargas grew up wanting only one thing, to become a Knight of the Church; a Paladin. Whilst Knights of the Realm serve the King and, by extension, the Lords, Paladins serve the Church directly and, as such, are granted protections by the Church and the Gods they worship. Paladins do the Church’s duty, hunting down heritics, whilst employing special miracles to protect themselves from magic, methods taught only within the Church. Vargas trained not just his body, but also his mind, learning all of the stories of great Church miracles; from the Tale of Saint Gustav and the Dragon to the story of how Saint Elarosa cured the land of the hundred year plague, until he was deemed worthy of being named as a Paladin. Weilding the blessed greatmace, Drangul, he set forth to do the Churches work, however, he is met with disturbing realisations. He saw how those outside of the nobility and Church elite lived, their poverty and their struggle to survive and he wondered how his Gods could allow such suffering and began to question the callousness of his bretheren in allowing such disparity and, in many cases, revelling in it.

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