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My Second creation. I’ve got a bit of a theme going for my next few superheroes. They are mash-ups of members of the Justice League.

Ceto/Sea Queen is a mash-up between Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Ceto was born 52nd in line for the throne of her kingdom. Her mother was a concubine whilst her father was the King of the ocean city. The ocean depths are a harsh and unforgiving place to survive thus her people over time have evolved into strong and tough beings. In order to prove your right to be king or queen, you must fight for that right in battle. In her efforts to be crowned the next leader of her people she fought and defeated every single one of her brother and sisters in single combat. She also has a soft side to the surface world, as she has always been curious about the world beyond the water and the super beings that inhabited itit. She left not long after becoming a crown princess to the surface world to learn and challenge against other champions.