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Ernesto Etienne/Triggerfinger: Ernesto Etienne is a self-made man, and his journey from a kid in the slums to one of the most prominent crime lords of Midnight City wasn’t an easy one. His struggles may have left him with a sense of respect and compassion towards his enemies and innocents, but they also left their marks; he’s a cold and efficient assassin who will carry out his missions with ruthless professionalism, and he’s earned a well-deserved reputation for NEVER missing a target. God help you if the Blossom Needles crime family put a hit on you.

Ernesto Etienne/Triggerfinger blends his natural skill with marksmanship with the powers granted to him. He is blind, but his senses of hearing, smell, and taste have been enhanced to extraordinarily high levels, allowing him to tell where the precise location of a target is. His perceptiveness and intuition also serves him well, and he relies on gut instinct and his hearing to process incoming threats. As a result, Triggerfinger is one of THE top marksmen of Atlas, capable of hitting targets even if they are miles away. 

Triggerfinger’s price for his powers was his sight.