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Jason Talisman/The Dreamcatcher: Jason Talisman has absolutely nothing to offer in physical strength; he makes up for it with his knowledge of the human subconscious… and what he needs to poke and prod at to completely break someone in mind and spirit. Eloquent, soft-spoken and sadistic, he loves nothing more than to haunt a man’s nightmares and use their bad memories, buried traumas, and insecurities to take them apart, bit by bit…

The Dreamcatcher can enter the minds of others through their dreams and manipulate their subconscious for a variety of effects. He can inflict horrific nightmares on his victims, use their worst fears and insecurities against them, force them to relive repressed, traumatic memories over and over again, and more; if he’s feeling merciful, he’ll just shut their minds down and kill them. The Dreamcatcher’s physical body has a defense mechanism in the form of pheromones; he constantly produces them and will cause anyone who breathes them to fall asleep, trapping them in the dream world with him. 

The Dreamcatcher’s price for becoming a Paradigm was his physical strength, leaving him an emaciated husk confined to a bed.