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Roderick Benson/Radioactro: 
A Paradigm notorious for how thoroughly his injection changed him, Radioactro is a broken man on the wrong side; having lost everything in a screwup-turned-disaster, whatever kindness and selflessness he had has been drowned out by inconsolable cynicism and anger at the world, leaving nothing but an unapologetically brutal Paradigm running on a horribly misguided desire to do something right. Give him a reason to believe you deserve it, and he will tear you apart.
Out of all the people forcefully changed and transformed by nefarious experiments, Radioactro is the one who received the worst of it; he has been turned from a human being to a sentient chemical spill, his consciousness and mind contained within a single particle of radioactive sludge. He must rely on a metal containment suit—Fire Glider’s old, newly-modified suit, to be specific—for movement and to contain the radiation he constantly emits. When in the armor, he is quite slow and zombie-like, but he is extraordinarily durable and is strong enough to hit with the force of a bullet train. The suit has also been modified with a number of offensive and defensive weapons such as an arm-mounted radiation cannon, small railguns, and a jetpack that grants him limited flight. Radioactro can also exit the armor at will through a small hatch on the stomach and attack opponents as a tidal wave of raw sludge, and can absorb various types of liquids and radiation into himself to increase his mass and size.
Roderick Benson did not lose a part of himself when transformed into a Paradigm.