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So, I’ve been on a bit of a Golden Guardian (who you can see on the last page) kick, so I decided to go and do a few alternate outfits for her civilian identity, Isabella Collins. As we’ve already had her superhero costume and a workout outfit, I thought we’d go with a couple of casual ones, a smart outfit and then beachwear and pyjamas, because why not.

Also, have some facts about the character, yay world building.

Character Facts:

-Though she does think her first name is something of a mouthfull and a bit unweildy, she hates having it shortened. Only her family and her absolute closest friends are allowed to get away with calling her “Izzy” and woebetide anyone who calls her “Bella”. To everyone else it’s “Isabella”.
-Isabella Collins is very good friends with Lucy Falkner, aka Superstar of The Protectors. Considering that both were basically brought up around superheroics (Isabella through her family and Lucy through, well, force by her family) they hit it off very quickly and seem to understand each other better than anyone else. Isabella was one of the few friends who really helped Lucy through the difficult period after she finally got free from her father, even bailing her out of a few very sticky situations. Lucy trusts Isabella so much that she has even given her a key to her house, just in case anything happens (also, Lucy is one of the few people that Isabella doesn’t mind being called Izzy by).
-She is a massive arachnaphobe. She will not stand any spiders being in the same room as her and has even put a hole through a wall trying to kill one in the past.
-Out of all of her family, Isabella was closest to her Grandfather when growing up. Both she and her brother loved to sit and listen to him tell stories of his exploits during the war and the post-war years. Of course, they’d have to check with Grandma afterwards to find out what bits were true and what were… “slightly embelished”. Grandpa Walt also let them play with his old costume, even though it’s practically a museum piece and worth a fortune.
-Growing up as the Grandchildren of famous superheroes, Isabella and her brother were both famous-by-proxy throughout their formative years and all the kids at school wanted to know them. Whilst her brother took full advantage of this (and used it to get a lot of girls when he discovered his powers), Isabella was much more reserved, not being much of a show off. Of course, nobody was going to bully her or try to make her do anything, considering her family, but Isabella was in an awkward place in school, not one of the real popular kids, but not someone who people didn’t want to be friends with. Also, unlike her brother, she never used her status or powers to get dates, in fact she flat out turned down any guy who ever asked her out.

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