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So, I’m actually going to be entering a contest. Been a while.

Name: Holly Barrett
Alias: Owl
Powers: Enhanced Vision (Can see much further than the average human, night vision), Enhanced Hearing, High Intelligence
After the break up of Strike Force, Owl was left to pick up the pieces. Though it was an extremely difficult time, it wasn’t all for naught, as Owl came to realise that she was transgender. Having now undergone her transistion, Owl (who now goes by the civilian name Holly Barrett) is in a much happier place, even starting to date Transistor from Pride. Of course, not everything is perfect, there is still the matter of her brother, the supervillain Mindmaster, who, as always, is out trying to make his sister’s life a living hell. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Also, decided to do a couple of variations for this one. Which one do you guys like the most?
Mindmaster Colours
Strike Force Colours
Brown Owl
Snowy Owl
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