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A little and large, opposites attract superhero couple, Kathy Collins (aka. Turbo Girl) and Serena Shaw (aka Barricade) never-the-less make a great team. Kathy (the more hot-headed, emotionally volitile and outgoing of the pair) can absorb any energy she comes into contact with and convert it into kinetic energy. Once she starts moving there isn’t a force on earth that can stop her. In contrast Serena (who despite her size is far more shy and reserved, but far more level-headed and stable) is both super strong and completely immovable. If she decideds to stand her ground, nothing will ever move her. She could be hit by a tidal wave and she’d still be standing in the exact same spot.

Extra Facts:

– Serena enjoys gardening and is a very good seamstress. In fairness, she kinda has to be, she grew out of even the largest womens clothes in her late teens and has had to make her own ever since. She put these talents to good use, making both her and her girlfriends costumes (though hers was mostly salvaged scrap from an old Negadroid and is mostly just to stop her getting scratched by shrapnel from anything that hits her).

– Kathy’s energy absorbtion power is permenantly active, meaning she has an unfortunate tendancy to build up energy reserves doing every day activities and, if she’s not careful, can accidentally release this energy at inoppertune times, which can lead to some property damage (has, sorry, has led to a lot of property damage). Fortunately she lives with someone who a) is basically unaffected by these outbursts and b) is strong enough to clear away even the biggest pile of rubble.

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