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You know how I mentioned that the girls play D&D. Yeah, that idea got way too stuck in my head for this not to happen. So, these are the characters they all tend to play (also, this is going to be the only time I’m ever going to portray Lauren standing, because this is obviously a fantasy setting within the canon). Lili plays an Elf Ranger, Danni plays a Human Cleric (she had absolutely no idea what she was doing when creating her character, so Lili and Trinity essentially made the character for her), Sarah plays a Human Paladin, Lauren plays a half-elf bard (and is the player most likely to try and ruin the game for the DM) and Trinity usually DM’s (otherwise it’s Lili) but when she doesn’t she plays a Tiefling Sorcerer. Lili was also the one who designed the characters costumes.

Note: I had to custom build so much for this. Lili’s quiver, Danni’s shield, Sarah’s sword (I’m pretty proud of that one) and the clasps on Trinity’s top (which took ages), plus getting Lili to hold the bow right was a pain.
Oh and in case it wasn’t obvious, I don’t know the first thing about D&D, never played it, so I just went onto the D&D guide and read enough to roughly guess what would make sense. If I ever get round to doing more Lili and Danni stories, lose my mind and decide to write one of these games as a story I’m gonna need a LOT of help.

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