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Name: Lauren Keiler
Birthday: April 7th
Height: 5.4ft/ 1.67m (Standing)
Occupation: Wheelchair Sports Instructor
Personality: Optimistic, Honest, Open To New Experiances, Compassionate, Good Listener, Patient
Likes: Being Active, Dancing, Anime/Manga, Trying New Things, Sushi, Chinese Food
Dislikes: Close-Minded People, Places With No Wheelchair Access, Having Her Legs Touched

Extra Facts:
-Lauren was left wheelchair bound after she was hit by a drunk driver on her 19th birthday. The crash left her with damage to her L1-L5 vertebrae as well as a severely fractured pelvis and varying levels of temporary and permenant damage done to her legs. She isn’t paralyzed, but her lower body motor functions are highly impared. She could technically walk, with the aid of crutches and with someone around to help her, but the amount of effort she has to go through to make even a couple of steps makes a wheelchair her prefered way of getting around. The accident also left her dealing with a nasty bout of depression which she only really started to overcome when she discovered wheelchair sports and her current job.
-Lauren, being a massive weeb, loves going to anime and gaming conventions. She goes to any she can get time off to go to (sometimes she’ll take one of the other girls too, if they aren’t busy). She has always wanted to go to a convention in cosplay, but buying costumes is expensive (especially when you’re going to conventions on her salary) and she cannot sew to save her life, so making her own costumes is out of the question.
-Lauren is bi and actually kinda has a crush on Sarah. She realised this when she lived with Sarah. Because the house didn’t have a ground floor bedroom, Sarah would sometimes carry Lauren up the stairs. At first Lauren was a bit uncomfortable and a little resentful having someone else assist her in doing something so trivial, but those feelings were soon replaced by  confusion of how much she was enjoying the experiance. After a while, she stopped fighting it althogether, but Sarah, being Sarah, never noticed.

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