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So, since I’ve redesigned Lili, Danni and Sarah, I thought I’d add Lauren in, make a new character and throw them all in to a group shot so we can compare heights and all that jazz. Also, as Sarah and Lauren aren’t that well developed compared to Lili and Danni (who, in fairness, are my most developed characters) and we have a new character to introduce, I thought I’d do 5 facts for each of the non-Lili/Danni girls. There might also be an extra bonus fact for one of the girls hidden in the picture for you to find. I’ll be interested to see if anyone does get it.

Anyway, Facts:

Sarah Williams

-Sarah is very awkward when it comes to public displays of affection. For someone so outgoing and confident, she can be very easily flustered by romantic gestures and flirting especially, even when it’s not serious or done in a joking fashion. Lili is especially good at getting under Sarah’s skin like this, she knows exactly what pushes her buttons. It even got so far as Lili kissing Sarah once (it was a bet), which ended with Lili on the floor with the force of Sarah pushing her away.

-Sarah is really into crossfit. She works out every day, on top of her job as a personal trainer, and makes absolutely sure that she eats as healthy possible. She also practices Tae Kwon Do and is a black belt in Judo. As one might expect, her size and lifestyle have earned her the affectionate nickname of “She-Hulk” from the rest of the girls.

-Sarah is actually one of the shorter members of her family. Her father is 6 foot 5 and her brother is even taller. Only her mother is under 6 foot tall and even then, she’s only a couple of inches under. Sarah used to find her height a hinderance, she got picked on as a kid for being lanky and at uni she would find it hard to find guys who weren’t intimidated by her height. But since she started getting more into working out, she’s leaned into it. Being big and buff really scares off more annoying guys.

-Sarah used to surf when she was a teenager. However, when she moved away to uni she found she had less time to do so anymore (plus a lack of anywhere to surf was a big problem). She has tried to get back into it every so often, but more recent interests tend to take precedent.

-Sarah loves dogs, especially big dogs. She has a German Shepard called Roman and she spoils him rotten. He’s a big mummies boy and loves his cuddles. He also adores Danni and whenever she’s round he will snuggle up to her on the sofa and rest his head on her lap for her to fuss him. He does have a habit of charging at people and almost tackling them to the ground when he’s happy to see them, which always seems to be a problem for Danni, because Roman can legitimately knock her over, and Lauren has caught a few accidental headbutts as well.

Lauren Keiler

-Lauren can speak fluent French. Her Grandmother (mother’s mother) was originally from Lille and fled France with her parents when the Germans invaded in 1940. All of the family on that side speak French and family holidays were often taken in various parts of France.

-Before the accident that led to her being in a wheelchair, Lauren used to love to dance. She did ballet as a child and learned many different types of classical and contemporary dance styles in specialist dance classes growing up. Since her accident, she learned how to do wheelchair dancing and helps run a local group specialising in wheelchair based physical activities such as sports and dance. She did also once try to take up Wheelchair Freestyle (doing tircks on skate ramps in a wheelchair), but that ended with her in the hospital and a hard ban on her ever trying again from pretty much everyone in her life.

-Lauren is a total weeb. She loves anime, collects manga, she’s trying to teach herself Japanese (she isn’t as successful at it as with French, possibly because she doesn’t have too many people to practice with). She even once wrote a short story where a totally-not-a-self-insert-character girl in a wheelchair gained magical powers from a mystical samurai ghost and fought all kinds of demons. It wasn’t very good.

-When Lauren moved out of her parents house, she managed to find a perfect rental property close to her work that was wheelchair accessable. She couldn’t believe her luck. And then, after a year, the landlord decided to sell and gave Lauren 2 months (the minimum amount of time legally allowed) to get out. Unable to find a new house sutible, Lauren was looking at either moving back in with her parents miles away from her work and having to give up her job, or living on the streets. However, Sarah offered to put her up at her house until she managed to get her situation sorted. Lauren has taken it upon herself to try and find some act of kindness of comparable size to pay Sarah back, which Sarah just greats with amused bemusement.

-It takes a lot to make Lauren angry, she has a very even temper and a positive disposition. But when she gets angry, keep back, she’s vicious. Also, she really doesn’t like having her legs touched. The easiest way to get Lauren pissed is to touch her legs. Don’t do it if you value your life. Even Roman knows not to jump onto Laurens lap, he just sits next to her wheelchair like a good boy.

Trinity Foster

-Trinity is trans and started to transition as soon as she hit 16. She’s been living as a woman for 10 years now and lots of her friends don’t even know she is trans. Of course, it was hard for her to come out to her parents, they did have a bit of a hard time accepting it (her Dad more-so than her Mum), but they are supportive of her at least.

-Trinity is an artist and she met Lili online when Lili retweeted a fan-art Trinity had done of a video game. One thing led to another and they got talking, bonding over their shared love of video games and their simular music tastes. When they realised they lived not too far appart, a meet up had to happen and the rest is history.

-Trinity can do screamo vocals. She doesn’t show it off much because a) it’s really awkward to do in public without music and b) it makes her kinda self-conscious doing something that she associates with sounding masculine (even though she really doesn’t sound masculine at all when she does scream). Of course, Lili absolutely loves it and is constantly encouraging Trinity to work on her vocals.

-Trinity chose her name because she was a big fan of the Matrix films when she was younger. She’s kinda embarressed by that fact now.

-Trinity, up until recently, worked at a publishing house, working in the copyright department. However, she was quietly let go a few days after making a formal complaint (and an informal tweet) about one of the publishers biggest selling writers transphobic tweets.

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