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The premier superhero outfitter in the world, Maiti Boyce (Mathilda to her parents, but she’ll never let anyone else call her that) has the unusual ability to produce silk-like thread from special glands in her finger tips. These threads can take on a variety of properties, depending on what Maiti wants, so they can be sticky, soft, sharp, fireproof, waterproof, insulate electricity, anything really. They are also very strong and very flexible, perfect for making clothes. Maiti did try to have a career in superheroics under the pseudonym Silkworm, but her powers just weren’t suited to fighting crime. So instead she turned her attention to fashion, apprenticing herself to a noted fashion designer and hiring out her ability to create thread to anyone who wanted something unique. Now she runs her own business making high-end clothing, with a side-business providing supersuits for superheroes. Unfortunately for most people, Maiti can only produce so much thread at a time, so her designs remain prohibitively exclusive.

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