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Name: Eva Wallis
Aka: Diamond
Powers: Super Hard Crystaline Skin

“People say that having superpowers is a gift, but just look at me. I’m a freak, everywhere I go people just stop and stare, and who can blame them? I look like a human disco ball. I can’t ever live a normal life because of that. I can’t ever just be me. I mean, sure, I can’t get hurt, but you know what, I can’t feel anything. I can’t feel pain, but I can’t feel your touch if you were to put your hand on mine either. I can’t feel the warmth of another person, just the sharp, the hard and the cold. All because of this stupid power that I got that I don’t want. *Sigh* But, I guess, if I got it, I might as well help people with it right?”

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