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Have you been the victim of a crime and can’t get the justice you deserve? The police unable or unwilling to help you? No superhero come to save you from you plight? Well, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!
Our crack team is guaranteed to take your case, no matter how big or small. No matter what, no matter who. We will achieve justice no matter if it is the mob, a supervillain or even government authority that we are up against.
Call Outsider Investigations Now.
Jane Archer
Specialitity- Psychology, Situational De-escalation

Other Skills- Hand-To-Hand combat

Rosa Campos
Speciality- Forensics

Other Skills- Firearms

Speciality- Interrogation and Information Gathering

Other Skills- Enhanced Healing Rate

Aaron Stevens
Speciality- Technology, Computer Analysis

Other Skills- Mechanics

Riya Raman
Speciality- Tracking and Infiltration

Other Skills- Cat Physiology (enhanced senses/ flexability/ agility/ reflexes/ climbing skill, retractable claws)

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