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Kenshira Charlotte – human totem barbarian

A portrait designed for a friend, while he was literally sitting on the couch next to me deciding what he liked (and getting a bit of a crash course on using HM). Fortunately his lack of pre-established specific ideas was balanced out by his receptiveness to my suggestions, and the whole process only took a couple of hours. I especially like how the hairstyle turned out, and we managed to come up with a pose that both looks cool and gets the entirety of her ginormous weapon in the frame.

Court clerk by day, vigilante by night, Kenshira manages to balance staying fashionable with doing what she can to right some of the wrongs that slip through her city’s judicial system. Or at least she did, until she was swept away by a mysterious mist into a land of darkness where devils don’t trifle with lurking in back alleys.