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Herr D

There’s a reason why cloning humans remains illegal. Not the least of which is that “Dr. Fax” showed how poor results could still be grandly disastrous. Told to wear cutoffs, many of them cut ONE leg off of their good jeans instead of putting on their cutoffs. Despite not having enough coordination to put on a shirt or buckle a belt, some of them managed to learn a granny knot. None of them could bend to put shoes on without snapping their spines. Their skin was pretty bad, due to shortcuts in their mummy-style wrappings during skin fastening. Not to be outdone by their low quality, “Dr. Fax” sold the clones in the 7800 and 7900 group to a terrorist group. He warned his client of their limitations.

Not to be outdone at the clones total failure to learn to aim a gun FORWARD, the group gave them all lit dynamite and told the only command they could follow besides ‘eat.’ That command was ‘run.’

Casualties were kept to a minimum by sheer dumb luck and the fact that anyone not slamming a door between themselves and the ill-fated clones tended to scream out ‘RUN!’ This generally caused them to run in the opposite direction, and so the parking garage where they were released was the only structure completely destroyed. It was also successfully evacuated in the panic.

23 dead, 3518 injured, less than 200 critically.

*Lackey contest winner.

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