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The Great Old Ones are beings of great power, such power that their actions and motives are often inconcievable to the mere mortals that they effect. Descendants of The Outer Gods, they once presided over the world of mortals. No-ne knows what caused them to give up their control, whether they did so willingly or where forced (and, if that is the case, what could force them to do so), but many now sleep either within the earth, make their homes in the deepest reaches of the galaxy or, more terrifyingly, make thier homes within the minds of man.
Nug & Yeb: The siblings, born of Shub-Niggurath, they in turn bore many of the other Great Old Ones and are amongst the most worshiped of all of the eldritch. It is said that they will clear the Earth for the return of their kin using “The Furnace of Yeb” and “The Torch Of Nug”, though these items are shrowded in mystery.
Cthulhu: The spawn of Nug, Cthulhu is a terrible creature of the nightmares of man. It is said that he knows all that was occuring in the universe and moulded the dreams of the earliest humans. His cult was the most powerful in the ancient world and at its peak, they ruled over the island city of R’lyeh, before it was sunk beneath the waves. It is believed that Cthulhu was trapped as his city sank and that he is still there, imprisoned in a deep tomb along with the people he ruled. Others say he escaped, no-one knows for sure. But what we do know is that the cult of Cthulhu did not die with R’lyeh, it lives on, awaiting the return of their master.
Tsathoggua: The spawn of Yeb, Tsathoggua takes the form of a monsterous fur-covered black toad. A deity of sloth and gluttony, Tsathoggua would not move from the spot he resides unless mortally threatened, not even to satiate his ravenous hunger. Instead he waits, in a state of torpor and eats any who come close, before returning to his slumber. He is attended by a race known as the Formless Spawn, a gestalt of black slime that is surprisingly resiliant and resourceful, a fittingly squalid servant for a being such as Tsathoggua.

Dagon: Though Dagon is considered a Great Old One, his origins are not of the Outer Gods, at least not directly. Once one of The Deep Ones, a race of aquatic humanoids possibly created by the Outer Gods, he discovered a child of Cthulhu and gained great power from it (although the specifics are unknown). He grew large, even for a Deep One who grow massive as they age, and his power grew too. He became a figure of worship amongst other Deep Ones and even humans (he is mentioned as a fishing god in Mesopotamian scripts, he is noted as being worshipped by the Phillistines and, like Cthulhu, his cult still goes strong today). Most Deep Ones of today are descended from Dagon and he remains one of the few active Great Old Ones.

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