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Thanks guys.

Anyway switching back to SRC themed stuff for a moment and things are about to get eldritch.

There are some creatures, known only to man as The Great Old Ones, that are so incomprehensable in their power and being that they inspire madness in all that gaze upon them. But as powerful as these Great Old Ones are, The Outer Gods are to them as they are to us, creatures of such cosmic magnitude and eldritch power that all they are seems as chaos.
From Left to Right:
Azathoth: The “Blind Idiot God”. Though he has eyes and they are always open, he cannot see, not with his external eyes anyway. He lives beyond time and space and sight and sound, kept asleep by the pipes and drums of many servitors. All of reality is Azathoths dream and nobody knows what would happen should he ever wake, or if he is in control of the dream in the first place, one presumes not. He is the most powerful of the many Outer Gods and sire to most.
Nyarlathotep: Known by many names, as befits one called “the God Of A Thousand Forms”, he is also heralded as “the Crawling Chaos”, “the Black Pharaoh”, “Stalker Among The Stars” and “the Messenger Of The Outer Gods”.  Nyarlathotep is one of the few Outer Gods to interact with the lower beings, whether he is the only one who chooses to or the only one able to is not known. Son (for all familial phrases mean to gods such as these) of Azathoth, he is a cruel god, mocking and delighting in the madness of mortals and immortals alike. He revels in displaying his proficiency in horror, going to great lengths to make his acts comprehensible to lower beings before escalation to higher and higher plains of reality as if he were a surgeon striping away layers of sanity as one would remove the wrapping from a wound. Still, he seems to play a much greater role than just his own pleasure, serving as an attendant to the cults of his fellows and ensuring their will, as it is for such beings, is adheared to.

Shub-Niggurath: The “Mother of A Thousand Young” and daughter of Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath also takes many forms, though unlike her brother she rarely takes form to commune with lesser beings. She spawned many of The Great Old Ones and is in an almost constant state of what can best be described as pregnacy (again, for what such words can be attributed to such beings as they do not reproduce in a way that could be conceivable to our minds).

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