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Herr D

Out of time again. For CDC Phaedra:

Phaedra, AKA Doral Em’Lan is an unusually robust specimen of Aelurian. Large and freakishly strong, agile, and fast for her size, she also has the rarest trait of all their best hunters. With each of her two non-nightvision eyes, she ranges more into the ultraviolet and infrared than most. Aelurians typically have necks that can turn 150 degrees in any direction, allowing their concave faces unusual sensory range. Though they don’t look catlike at first, their fur, balance, acrophilia, whiskers, nightvision, and hatred of water, not to mention their diet, categorizes them as feline, while skeletally humanoid excepting the feet, teeth, and claws. Aelurians are uncommon for their tusks and mouths being mid-torso.

Phaedra’s shame is that she USED to be so instinctively obedient to her leader that she instantly flung herself from a palace window on her command. It was the close of a festival, and her leader was very drunk. A passing streetsweeper had collected just enough decorative material to cushion her landing.

“Saved by city glitter!”

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