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Mr. Vaudeville

Major Jack McNamara

United States military. You’ve never heard of his division.

The head of an above-top-secret department charged with the investigation of paranormal, extraterrestrial, and interdimensional phenomena, Major Jack McNamara does not officially exist. Whenever eldritch forces beyond human understanding threaten our reality, it’s his job to unite the worlds best heroes and steer them on right course to save the fabric of time and space. A man of direct action and carefully chosen words, he arrives only when he’s needed, always seems to know more than he should, and is willing to do whatever it takes to preserve the greater good.

To aid in his mission, he recruited the most elite heroes on earth to form a unified global response team: the Terran Defence Corps.

Although it seems at first glance like he has no superpowers of his own, McNamara possesses a kind of ‘multidimensional awareness’. Every alternate universe Jack McNamara in the multiverse shares a single consciousness – meaning that he is aware of events happening in all realities simultaneously, and he has access to the shared knowledge and experience of infinite versions of himself. Because this is never openly revealed, those around him are always mystified when he seemingly predicts threats to the universe before they appear, ‘senses’ disturbances in the fabric of reality, and always manages to arrive at the crucial moment.

(Notes: I used the generic male fantasy warrior as the base for this, partly because I was feeling lazy and partly because I haven’t used Heromachine in months and months. Iā€™m using a laptop now, so I can export the images for better quality. The character concept is based quite heavily on a character from a musical. To anyone reading this around the time of writing: Stay safe!)

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