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Jeremy Milner can tell when someone is lying. It’s like a buzzing in his brain and it hurts!

Driven mad by always knowing when everyone is lying, Jeremy fashioned himself a new identity of Jiminy (based on the cricket from Pinocchio) and declared himself a superhero, intent on forcing the worst liars of the world to change their ways. He would be the conscience of the world.

Jiminy isn’t really a hero. In fact, some would even classify him as a villain as he’s not exactly picky about who he targets and even small lies like those told by a hero to protect their secret identity seem to trigger him.

Unable to physically compel others to tell the truth, Jiminy can only point out when they’re lying and at this point, most people have learned that they can just not answer any questions he asks them. He’s generally seen as more of an annoyance than anything else.

But now Jiminy is starting to wonder if maybe he can compel others to tell the truth. If he only applies a little pressure…

"LIAR!" - Jiminy

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