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A group of brothers who as youth found a alien spaceship. Due to a unique quark in their D.N.A. . They were able to wear the Power Badges belonging to the last members of an ancient inter-galactic protection force.
The shields bonded with their D.N.A giving the the ability to manifest, The suits that they wear. The suits give the brothers several super powers , including super strength , flight, survival in open space, near invulnerability, and energy projection. Due in part to a misunderstanding about the physical form (avian in nature) The oldest brother set the default pattern of the suits to a bird like theme The oldest brother after many years has learned that he can form the suits to any form and access powers the other brothers are unaware of. He was also able to remove 1/3 rd of their powers and transfer them to a younger brother who joined The War Birds as Flame Hawk