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Judas Iscariot was an apostle and friend to Jesus; and also his betrayer. Shortly after the last supper, Judas led a group of Roman soldiers to where Jesus was praying. Jesus was arrested and Judas was paid a sum of 30 pieces of silver. It was only a few hours later that Judas began to feel the weight of guilt on his shoulders, and by sunrise he had hanged himself from the branch of a tree.

He awoke in Hell.

There is no concept of time in Hell, so Judas had no idea how long he endured the tortures therein. Days felt like millennia. Minutes felt like eons. He had long given up hope before he saw Jesus.

For three days following his death by crucifixion, Jesus was also sent to Hell. These three days were necessary to complete the ritual of forgiveness of humanity. Judas threw himself at Jesus’s feet, begging forgiveness for his betrayal. When Satan caught wind of this, he offered Jesus a choice: he could leave Hell early but still fulfill the ritual, or he could free Judas, the man who led him to death for 30 silver pieces. Without hesitation, Jesus chose to free Judas.

He awoke in a cave.

Over the next few days, Judas discovered that although he had been saved from the depths of Hell, he could never again inhabit the world of mortals, let alone ever be welcome in Heaven. Instead, he had been assigned to be the keeper of the Cave of the Restless, a place where the souls of those who had died violently and unavenged would dwell until their murderers were brought to justice. He would also serve as Heaven’s liaison with the Deadwalker, a human endowed with the ability to learn the identities of those murderers and, with the power of Heaven, set things to rights and allow those haunted souls to pass into Heaven.

After his time in Hell and over 2,000 years of existence, Judas’s body is warped and scarred, leaving him an awful visage to behold. The thirty pieces of silver that Judas was paid to betray Jesus were molded into a crucifix that he must wear upon his chest for eternity.

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