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Herr D

This contest seems to be doing badly. I haven’t been available, and it’s foundered. [twiddles three tentacles for a moment]

THIS time, I’ll ask for the same three tails, but I want a coin on the ‘heads’ side. That is to say, at least a profile / front-face / angled headshot on a coin with indicators of coin value and who the pictured schmuck is. If you do not choose modern American English, you must provide a translation along with any backstory you wish to include. I like backstories. Any picture you make up, you should be able to pretend you know what to say about it.

Because I want to see a coin’s side that is both heads and tails! Do not depict actual size, please. Take up my screen and ONLY my screen.

Thank you. Due Tuesday, 2/18/20 noon, EST. To be judged hopefully by 8pm.