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@UbiquitousPixel- The way I did it was create the character and save, then move the character over by 5, put a white background rectangle over the character at around 70% opacity and save again as a seperate file, then load the original save with the keep current items box checked. Rinse and repeat until desired effect is achieved and heromachine is so laggy it takes a full minute to move an item up a single layer. Also, it got sent to my spam folder for some reason, I only just saw it was there. I’ll give it a read when I get a chance, it’s just gone 11pm here and I’ve got work tomorrow.

ill give it a go! But usually when I load another character, it overlaps the current, no matter where I move the first one. I wish there was a way to select certain layers and combine them to make them all one layer or object. But thanks for the info! Also looking forward to your response email 🙂