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Version 2

A superhuman group whose stated aim is to bring about a new, more equal and fair society, by burning the old one down if necessary. As you might expect, their methods have seen them labelled as a terrorist group by many, including media, politicians and law enforcement, but their message has resonated with a large number of people.
Chirs Baker- Fade
Powers: Invisibility, Intangibility
Tyler Thomas- Metalhead
Powers: Metallic Skin, Semi-Invulneribility
Powers: Energy Blasts
Yasmin White- Void
Powers- Manifestation (in the form of a dark “second skin” made of an unknown, possibly extra-dimensional substance)
Jennifer White- Ink
Powers: Manifestation (in the form of bringing her tattoos to life to use as weapons. The tattoos are made of the same substance as her sisters “second skin”)
Lucy Cook- Afterimage

Powers: Super Speed

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