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I mean like in certain characters they have like a border around certain colors not line color. Iā€™m not sure exactly how to describe it. A good example would be your character Chronicle.

Chronicle’s costume involved a lot of layering and masking. Take the chest for example. If you place one body and then layer a shape on top of that, you can then place a second body and mask it to that shape. If you change the colour of that second body, you’ll only see the part which you masked to the shape.

You can turn off the colour of the shape or chuck it to the back of your layers. Whatever works for you. It’s really just a matter of fitting the shapes where you want them.

There are better tutorials on how to mask around here somewhere but I don’t remember where.

I think that’s what you’re asking about. Sorry if I just explained something you already know. šŸ™‚