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Herr D

“TacV” was slapped together quickly by five car mechanics who were terrified of not getting home from their business trip. The sides were made from semitrailer sides backed with angle-iron trusses for ram prows. Gunports covered with notched sheet steel coated with melted tire scrap line each side. The top is recessed so that no one sees people emerging from the three hatches. Rainwater collects into tanks for coolant. Two solar panels do charge the batteries. A Prius engine powers one end, and a Jeep engine powers the middle (one engine in neutral at a time.) Altered Ford Explorer transmissions bring the power down to the wheels, which have more tire scraps and fire extinguisher foam inside the tires. Either end can steer, and a hydraulic jack mounted inside can be used to untwist wheels after taking damage. Top view above side view.

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