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When Chris Matthews (Adrenaline) bought the failing business Redshift Energies, everyone thought he was crazy. They thought he was doubly crazy when the first person he hired to work at Redshift was a 10 year old.

Gabrielle Hale is no ordinary 10 year old though. She is a prodigy of the highest calibre who’s intellect towers over those twice her age and then some. She may be a tad eccentric but then all the best geniuses are.

Chris Matthews sees a lot of potential in Gabby and has put his full support behind her in the hopes that he can help him turn Redshift Energies around. Her research into alternative energy sources is already showing great promise.

Gabby is a genius but she’s also a superhero fangirl so if she can test her inventions in the field by following Adrenaline around and helping him out then she’s really living the dream. Adrenaline isn’t exactly sure about a 10-year-old following him into battle against super villains but Gabby (or “Prodigy” as she likes to be known) is remarkably stubborn and he’s learned that telling her she can’t do something is often a sure-fire way to ensure that she does it so he has stopped trying in the hopes that she’ll figure it out on her own.

Prodigy, though lacking in experience, has so far acquitted herself well as a hero and has already learned a lot from studying various devices the maniacs who roam around wearing masks and shooting laser rifles and stuff use to rob people like idiot savants.

Prodigy hopes to one day use her own inventions for something better than robbing strangers blind but if she can have some fun and help people in the meantime while punching bad guys in the face then all the better.


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