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Fig Upton/Hangman: The shortest member of the Nightlighters at 4’8 and possibly even smaller than that, Fig is often considered by some the “runt” of the team… and by others, an irritating pest with a useless superpower. Despite his goofy, irreverent and fast-talking nature, his big grin hides a sad and lonely kid with a terrible childhood and an even worse life, holding on to his smile because it’s the last thing he has. What he doesn’t realize is the effect he actually has on other people; his ultimately kind nature and silliness help lighten the mood of many on the team and he’s one of the four members (along with Cato, Jody, and Brutus) to help keep them all together. One can only hope he realizes it before something finally breaks him…

Fig’s superpower is controlling rope, but his TRUE skill is in improvising; he’s been known to use them as grappling hooks, lassoes, living nets, and in a variety of his traps. He also has a vast knowledge of knots and how to untie them, and he’s good with thinking on his feet.