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Jody Bowen/Osmosis: The Nightlighters’ “science girl”, a geek to the core, and one of the few Paradigms to absolutely LOVE being one. A kooky and spacey oddball with stars in her eyes, but also an unmeasurably kind, empathetic, and all-loving woman whose motivation for being on a superhero team boils down to “I just want everyone I meet to feel loved”, placing her firmly in the group of members that hold the rest of the team together. Despite her eccentric personality and inability to truly hate anyone, Jody is nowhere near as airheaded as she seems; she is one of – if not THE – most intelligent members of the team, and she’s capable of a truly terrifying ruthless streak and cold professionalism when properly motivated.

Jody is a sentient clump of slime taking the form of a young woman; her consciousness is contained within a single molecule of protoplasm. As she can no longer eat or drink, she gains her sustenance through photosynthesis, and can last for 36 hours without sunlight before becoming immobile and lethargic. Jody is a master shapeshifter, capable of changing the pigment, solidity, and form of her body on a molecular level to flawlessly mimic another person or object. Jody has also demonstrated the ability to form a variety of different weapons from her own limbs, and can turn herself into a liquid form that allows her access into normally inaccessible areas.